Thursday, April 1, 2010

My Little Pony extravaganza: A Toys R Us Tale!

Well, as I posted a couple of days ago, TRU had My Little Pony all BOGO free!  I was excited to go, but honestly, I had quite the anxiety after reading some of the experiences people were having on Hip2Save and The Frugal Find.  But I went, and even as I approached the registers I was worried.  However, all my fears were for nothing!  I was able to get 4 single ponies for FREE ($1.07 for tax) and the 2 playsets (ferris wheel for my daughter for Christmas and the car for a birthday coming up!) for $8.64 after tax!!  Here's what happened:

I went to Pinole TRU instead of Pleasant Hill since there had been some debate on whether or not the BOGO coupon would work there.  I had a new cashier and she had the manager helping her out. I had the single ponies rung up on one transaction (because if you get two playsets and two ponies, the two ponies will come up free as the bogo always takes off the lowest items). The manager (named Jim) told the gal to punch in the amount for the ponies ($5.49) then he did that pause that happens a lot when you use the bogo coupons. I chimed in and said, “they’re basically all free cause the coupon pays…” then he nods his head! He nodded his head cause he KNEW about the deal!!! He KNEW how a bogo sale/bogo coupon deal works!!!! I was elated!! I’m writing an email to corporate when I get home to express my LOVE for Jim and my cashier!! 

So I was trying to think about what the best thing is to say when you have the BOGO coupon/store sale scenario.  A LOT of people can't wrap their brain around it (It took me awhile too, so how am I supposed to convince a cashier in 30 seconds that what I'm doing is fine?!).  But my wording if you are faced with a cashier who doesn't understand why both are free is:  

The store is giving me one for free as part of the sale, and the coupon, which is like cash to the store, is paying for my second one.  The store is just being paid by the manufacturer, not me.

Have you done any BOGO coupon/store sale deals?  Did you get a good cashier?  Did you have to call the manager over?  Tell me your stories!

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