Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Rite Aid is paying me $.93!!

This is definitely one of the best shopping trips ever!  You'll see why:

2 Gillette Fusion Razors (manual or power but I chose manual cause it comes with 2 blades instead of one) - $8 each 
Use $4/1 from 4/4 PG
Final cost:  $4 each AND (1) $4 Single Check Rebate #43

3 Oral B Manual Toothbrushes - $2.29 each
$1.50 SCR#55
Use (1) BOGO coupon from 3/7 PG
AND use (2) $2/1 from 4/4 PG
Final cost:  $.58 for 3 (!!) AND (1) $1.50 Single Check Rebate #55

Oral B Pulsar - $3.99
Use $3/1 from 3/7 PG
Final cost:  $.99!

ALSO, use the $5 off $25 HERE (use zip code 43666)

Total before tax:  $4.57 AND $5.50 in Single Check Rebates!!!  Awesome!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Cool Aveeno deal at Walgreens!

Walgreens has Aveeno products for 25% off this week.  Not a great sale, but here's a way to turn it into one!  When you purchase 3 Aveeno products, you receive a Travel Essentials bag for free ($10 value!).  Here's what to do:

Buy 3 Aveeno Daily Moisturizing Lotions 2.5 oz for $2.99 (less 25%; prices vary - they were $2.69 with the discount at my store)
Use (3) $1/1 coupons from HERE (ensure your pop up blocker is OFF; I printed 2 coupons by using two different addresses.  I didn't try and print 2 off of one registration but it may be possible; work with it and see what you can do!)  You'll need 2 printers for this.
Final price: approx. $5.07 for 3 lotions AND the travel kit
AND the travel kit has a $2/1 coupon inside!!

I'm getting paid $3.93 for buying new pens!

Walgreens has an AWESOME deal going on!  They have 2 packs of these fun Pilot Frixion Gel Pens on sale for $1.19 (they erase using friction!).  Well, in the April coupon booklet (located at the front of the store, same rack as the ads) there is a $1 off coupon, making them...$.19 for 2!!

It gets better!  There is a mail in rebate on the back of the packages for $4.50 when you buy 3!  So buy 3 packs for $.57 and mail in for the rebate.  $3.93 moneymaker!!  Score!  One rebate per household.

Friday, April 2, 2010

Free Socks from No Nonsense!

Most people who know me will think this is ironic of me to post this since I *loathe* wearing socks, BUT...they're free!  And I do occasionally wear them when it's cold in the house!

Go HERE and become a fan of No Nonsense on Facebook.  Everyday at 9pm PST, they will give away a pair to the first 100 people that register with them.  Once you are on their FB page, click on the lower left quarter of the page to take you to the registration.  I was able to score a pair!  Set an alarm for yourself to be on the computer tomorrow at 9pm PST to snag some for yourself!!  Don't worry, they are running this for the next 50 days (!!), but only one per household.

Thanks, ChaChing on a Shoestring!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

This Week's Walgreens Shopping Trip!

I did two transactions at Walgreens this week, in order to reduce my OOP cost:

Transaction #1:
2 Benedryl - $4.99 ea w/$5 Register Rewards wyb 2
Use $4/2 from Safeway February coupon book (expired, but they put these out every month and there may be a current one in the March or April one)
Final price:  $5.98 plus tax AND $5 RR

Transaction #2:
4 Betty Crocker Warm Delights - $1
Use (2) $.50/1 HERE
AND (2) $.75/1 from 3/28 SS
(HERE is another $.50/1 printable if you don't have the $.75/1)
Final Price:  $1.50 for 4!

8 Easter Tumblers - 8/$1 w/in ad coupon

Airwick i-Motion Compact Air Freshener - $4.99
Use $4/1 from 3/7 SS or HERE (you will have to register to get coupons)
Final price:  $.99

Scrubbing Bubbles Extend-a-Clean Power Sprayer - $7.99/$2 RR
Use $5/1 HERE
Final Price:  $2.99 and $2 RR

Final OOP (after rolling the $5 RR from transaction #1):  $1.48 plus tax AND $2 RR!!

This Week's Target Shopping Trip

Some really great finds at Target this week (although they totally tricked me on one!):

2 Snuggle 50oz Fabric Softener - $3.99 ea (regular price)
Use (2) $3/1 from 3//28 RP
Final price:  $.99 each!

Air Wick i-Motion Ultra Air Freshener - $6
Use $5/1 from 3/7 SS
AND $1/1 Target printable HERE (go to Household)
Final price:  FREE

2 Gillette Men's Body Wash - $1.79 ea
Use $4/2 from 3/7 PG
Final price:  Free + $.42 overage!

12 pk of Barq's Root Beer (not pictured) - $3.26 w/CRV (no coupon)

2 Leapster Games - $15/$19.99 (This is where I say I was tricked.  I was under the impression that all, or at least most, of the Leapster games were $15.  Well, when I got there, there was literally 3 titles, one of which we already have, for  $15.  I decided to still get one even though it was $19.99 because it still turned out to be a deal, but c'mon Target!)
Use (2) $5/1 HERE (Thanks, The Frugal Find!)
AND $5/$30 Target printable HERE (go to Toys or Kids Spring Savings)
Final Price:  $19.99 for both!

Total OOP:  $24.81 plus tax!

This Week's CVS Shopping Trip

A perfect example of how I don't ALWAYS buy things with a coupon!  (o:

Windex Multi-Surface Cleaner - 2/$5 
(We will soon have a wall of glass closet doors so I have a feeling I'll be needing this!!)
Use (2) $1/1 HERE
Final price:  $1.50 BUT...
if you buy 3 of these, you can submit for a $5 SC Johnson rebate HERE!!  You can submit for 3 of these rebates too (I've already done 3 and gotten my checks!)  If you do the rebate and use 3 coupons, this gets turned into a $.50 moneymaker!

Visine Travel Sized Eye Drops - $1.99
Use $1/1 (some regions got a $2/1!) from 3/14 RP
Final price:  $.99

CVS Brand Toddler Wipes - $1.49
No coupon...hey, we were out and I forgot until I got to the store!!

Oral B Toothbrushes - $2.99 w/$2 ECBs (limit 1)
Use BOGO from 3/7 PG
AND $.75/1 from 2/7 PG (expired)
Final price after ECBs and coupons:  $.25 for both!

Total OOP:  $7.72 plus tax AND $2 ECBs

My Little Pony extravaganza: A Toys R Us Tale!

Well, as I posted a couple of days ago, TRU had My Little Pony all BOGO free!  I was excited to go, but honestly, I had quite the anxiety after reading some of the experiences people were having on Hip2Save and The Frugal Find.  But I went, and even as I approached the registers I was worried.  However, all my fears were for nothing!  I was able to get 4 single ponies for FREE ($1.07 for tax) and the 2 playsets (ferris wheel for my daughter for Christmas and the car for a birthday coming up!) for $8.64 after tax!!  Here's what happened:

I went to Pinole TRU instead of Pleasant Hill since there had been some debate on whether or not the BOGO coupon would work there.  I had a new cashier and she had the manager helping her out. I had the single ponies rung up on one transaction (because if you get two playsets and two ponies, the two ponies will come up free as the bogo always takes off the lowest items). The manager (named Jim) told the gal to punch in the amount for the ponies ($5.49) then he did that pause that happens a lot when you use the bogo coupons. I chimed in and said, “they’re basically all free cause the coupon pays…” then he nods his head! He nodded his head cause he KNEW about the deal!!! He KNEW how a bogo sale/bogo coupon deal works!!!! I was elated!! I’m writing an email to corporate when I get home to express my LOVE for Jim and my cashier!! 

So I was trying to think about what the best thing is to say when you have the BOGO coupon/store sale scenario.  A LOT of people can't wrap their brain around it (It took me awhile too, so how am I supposed to convince a cashier in 30 seconds that what I'm doing is fine?!).  But my wording if you are faced with a cashier who doesn't understand why both are free is:  

The store is giving me one for free as part of the sale, and the coupon, which is like cash to the store, is paying for my second one.  The store is just being paid by the manufacturer, not me.

Have you done any BOGO coupon/store sale deals?  Did you get a good cashier?  Did you have to call the manager over?  Tell me your stories!