Wednesday, March 10, 2010

This Week's Walgreens Deals!

Awesome deals at Walgreens this week! The Gillette Fusion deals could also be done at Rite Aid if you wanted to save yourself a trip because they also have the free shave gel deal!

These are crazy awesome coupons! I'm going to lump them together so they make more sense. Ready?

Gillette Fusion 4 pk cartridges $13.79
Gillette Fusion Power Razor $11.79
Gillette Fusion Hydro Shave Gel (store has an in ad sale for free shave gel with purchase of 4 pk razors but $4.79 regularly)
Gillette Fusion Shampoo/Body Wash $4.99
(Good to note: $30.57 before any coupons...)

Free razor wyb 4pk cartridges (no value limit) from 3/7 PG
$1/1 on the Shave Gel from 3/7 PG
Free Body Wash wyb the Shave Gel from 2/21 PG

So total for all 4: $12.79!!

I also bought:
RenPure Shampoo and Conditioner - BOGO Free
Use $6.99 TRY ME rebate on bottle
Both Free!!

OOP: $19.78 - $6.99 rebate!!


  1. I'm gonna do the razor deal and use it as a easter basket stuffing for Eli! lol

  2. Look for a coupon on the razor cartridges too. I didn't find one anywhere but maybe glance through and see if you see one. Although I looked on and didn't see one there either. That's the one I WISH I had a coupon for!