Wednesday, March 31, 2010

My favorite kind of shopping at the free shopping!

I love all the coupons for Bath and Body Works right now.  I did two transactions and got the following:

One free Signature Collection travel item - no purchase necessary!
(This was in a mailer that I got, along with a 20% off coupon--keep an eye out for it!)

One free Signature Collection travel item with ANY purchase - HERE is the coupon.  It's good until April 18th so be sure to keep bringing this one with you when you go to the mall!  While you are printing, I recommend taking THIS ONE with you too.  You have to spend $10 but if you're going to anyway, may as well get something free too!!

Then I strolled over to Victoria's Secret with my mailer coupon to get my free panty (ooh la la!).  If you haven't already, I'd definitely recommend signing up for their mailing list.  I don't know when I did so, but the coupons keep following me wherever I move to!  They do ask you for your phone number when you buy stuff, so perhaps they get your address from that.  In any case, I'd go in and ask if you can be put on their mailing list.  I hardly ever buy undies anymore thanks to all the coupons they send me.

AND...sometimes the free panty coupon has a $10 off any bra purchase, but sometimes (like this one!), it's just a $10 off any purchase.  What's that mean...?  I got the body lotion (regularly $9.50) for free too! They don't tell you about this if you just grab the panty; I know cause I just noticed this a couple of times ago and realized I could be getting something for free.  So always pay attention to amount on coupons...whether it be the size or dollar amount, it's always important to get the most out of that coupon!!

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