Tuesday, January 19, 2010

A Crazy Ass Rite Aid shopping trip...the prequel...

So last night I am looking around on some blogs I frequent and find a link to Give Me Neither, which I am quite enjoying! I stumbled upon her post for this week's Rite Aid ad, and I was floored.

I'm really pretty speechless and in awe of how someone could mathematically come up with this, but she did! And this Saturday (or sooner), my sister Megan and I are going to attempt this amazing deal!

Go HERE and scroll down to where it says DEAL LIST. I'm so happy that between Megan and I, we have all these coupons. The gist of it is this, 14 items for....FREE or, better yet, MONEYMAKER! I never assume I'm going to have a money making deal because our prices in CA seem to always be $.20 or $.50 here or there more. But I'm banking on this one breaking even and us being able to split 14 items for free!

And good items at that:
Olay Cleansers
Olay Regenerist products

I'm excited and will post about our trip after we go. But if you like to coupon and you keep your inserts, you might want to take a peek at your stash and see if you too can do this one!

Thanks, Sarah at Give Me Neither!

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